Welcome to the Darkfire RPG!

Darkfire is a free multiplayer online roleplaying game in retro-style overhead view. Hunt for rare artefacts, solve quests, learn unique skills and improve your character in countless different ways! Read more about the game features or take a look at the screenshots gallery.

In order to start playing, all you need to do is download and run the game client. Darkfire is free to play.



Please Update your Game Client to 1.1.0!

Game clients prior to 1.1.0 don't work anymore, the update is mandatory.

There are now user accounts instead of individual characters!
The login procedure is much, much easier now.

This radical change required that all previous character profiles have been removed.
I can restore your old characters! Contact me in the forum please, if you want your old character back.

New Java-based Client for Linux and Mac OS

I have created a new java-based game client that runs on Linux, Mac OS and basically any operating system where a java runtime (JRE) can be installed!

Get the new client from the download page.

Gameplay Video

Previous Updates

PvP Dueling and Wrecked Ship

PvP dueling is now possible in a special dueling arena that can be found in stonegate!

A new area has been added: The wrecked ship.
The wrecked ship isn't complete yet, but it's such a cool theme that I just wanted to insert it right away.

New Quests

Four new quests have been added: Two low-level ones, in the starting town (deeproot). Two high-level ones, at the woodchoppers' camp near stonegate.

Big World Expansion: Stonegate

It's finally here: Stonegate! The next big city after the starting town. Along with a number of big maps that join the separate paths through the myconid forest and the undead ruins.
Your personal apartment is now accessible from both stonegate and deeproot (starting town). Along with shops and inn, stonegate has the potential to become a new home for high level players.

A quest to get into the city. Two new monster types that will cause you lots of trouble. Don't expect reaching stonegate to be an easy feat. :-)

Maximum character level is now 18.

Many new items, including helmets (finally), an insanely powerful fire whip, countless new modifiers for equipment (e.g. resistance to mana drain is now available), stronger potions and accordingly adjusted monster drop lists (loot).

There is still plenty of work left to do for me as well:

  • The end-game balance is now somewhat out of whack. Monk, beastmaster and mutant need skill upgrades and generally some more buffs to be able to compete on a level with wizard, warrior and robot. I will address this with future updates.
  • There is little in terms of quests and story to be found in the new areas. I want to breathe much more life into the friendly NPCs/towns in general.

Personal Apartments

Store infinite amounts of loot in your very own personal apartment!

The apartment can be found in the starting town. It's the new building with the orange-red roof. What you drop and store in your apartment is permanently saved.

No longer do you need to throw away good items due to the carry weight limit. This will make collecting artifacts and treasures a lot more fun.

New Warrior Skill Quest / New Items

There is a new warrior quest that unlocks "iron skin 2". That is now a serious skill to consider for warriors who want to get their defense up.

A few new items and modifiers have been added.

Monster AI has been improved to show slightly more versatile behaviour.


Close-combat attacks now happen automatically. All you need to do is move close to an enemy. You can still direct your attacks by bumping into the monsters that you want to hit.

I hope this will make the game more convenient and more fun. A lot of people told me the game is a clickfest. Especially on the mobile devices I noticed how hard it actually was to keep hitting monsters all around you.

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