Game Features


Darkfire is a free multiplayer online roleplaying game (RPG). The main challenge lies in the development of your player-character, in a medieval, fantasy-style world.

Compared to other games of the genre, there are two things that will immediately catch your attention:

  • The game has a retro look and feel. To put it plain - the graphics are very poor.
  • The game is challenging. It will make you think about strategies and character development.

The Vision

Personally, I don't like modern RPGs and MMOs very much.

They are too easy and too linear. They all promise "open game worlds" and "unique characters", but in the end you can see masses of players doing the exact same things in the exact same order. Thinking is not required.

I prefer old, classic RPGs, like the first finaly fantasy titles, diablo 2, crossfire and others. They were a bit more complicated than todays MMOs, but also far more interesting and fun.

With this game, Darkfire RPG, I try to revive the virtue of old-school RPG classics:

  • The game offers depth instead of flashy graphics.
  • You will be challenged. Don't expect to win all the time without effort and strategy.
  • It is possible to build insanely powerful characters (with dedication). While there is a proper game balance, reaching "byond the rules" is allowed to a certain extent.


In case you are still not satisfied with the above statements, here is a list of game features that I consider worth mentioning:

  • For each level-up you gain four stat points. You can spend these points to increase either vitality, combat mastery, magic potential, spiritual power or to learn additional skills. It's up to you to decide if you want more life points or more mana, increase your damage or to learn a fancy new skill...
  • Each class (wizard, warrior, ranger...) comes with a set of skills which are unique to that class. You are not bound to any specific play-style however, because you are free to learn new skills of any type you like. Of course some combinations of skills and attributes work better than others - but there are plenty of options to mix and match.
  • There are many different types of equipment to be found (most notably weapons and armour). Additionally all of these can have random magical bonuses. If you are very lucky, a single item can even have multiple bonuses. The number of possible combinations is virtually unlimited and chances can be so slim that nobody may ever get the same equipment that you have.
  • Some skills can only be found randomly (and rarely). So there may be chances for your character to learn some cool skills which are not available to other players. Of course the effects of such skills can vary greatly. It may be a damaging spell like the fireball, or a protection-spell that increases your armour.
  • Eventually, you may find a rune. These can be applied to one skill of your choice - improving it's effect. Different types of runes will alter your skills in different ways. Runes are hard to find and they cannot be picked up (so they cannot be transported and traded).
  • The robot class offers a radically different approach to the game: It has four arms and can thus wield two weapons and two shields. Due to it's mechanic nature though, the robot cannot use any form of magic and it cannot drink potions.
  • The mutant class also offers a radically different approach to the game: It cannot use any equipment like the other classes do, but it can develop intrinsic abilities from the digestion of monster flesh. These abilities can also have random bonuses of course...

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